Agile Data Migrations

As system grows data becomes critical and most of Agile installations benefit from the migration of data from other enterprise systems such as PDM (Product Data Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Management), Document Management or even CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.  When these enterprise systems are grown for number of years, data migration to Agile PLM system becomes time consuming and very important. PLM Mechanic has performed many data migrations from PDM, ERP, CRM and competing PLM systems.

When Data Migration is needed?

  • Legacy system to Agile PLM
  • Agile PLM to Agile PLM (Company Acquisition)
  • Agile PLM rollout to new business unit
  • Business process enhancement in Agile PLM
  • Adding new module to Agile PLM

 What is our process:

  1. Develop or modify scripts to extract, transform and stage data from the source system
  2. Perform a minimum of three migrations
    1. Development Pass:  Migration pass to verify the scripts function as required.  Customers can validate that Agile content meets expectations
    2. Test Pass:  Extract, transform, load and verify data using the tools created.  Validate content and make modifications if required.  Extensive modifications may require another test pass.  The final test pass will require extensive validation of content by the customer.
    3. Production Pass: Using the developed tools, perform the migation according to the process established in the last test pass.

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