Legend for Agile PLM

History Offload Engine

Legend for Agile PLM - The History Offload Engine When thinking about a racing legend, a team’s history, rich with achievement and overcoming near insurmountable obstacles, comes to mind. The history of your product development effort is no different. History, stored inside of Agile PLM, tells the story of each and every item, change, and user session that has helped shape your business today.

Organizations can now improve their Agile PLM performance by offloading old change, item and user usage history to another Oracle database. By reducing the amount of data that Agile PLM needs to filter and join, users will experience a more responsive system. Best of all, the information is still available through our web enabled process extensions. Legend, the Agile PLM History Offload Engine will help your team continue its legacy and perform like it used to.


Legend for Agile PLM



  • Improve application performance
  • Decrease the time to export and import files, minimizing application downtime during maintenance activities
  • Maintain visibility into an object's history (no need to lose data by simply deleting content)


Features at a glance:

  • Move item history, change history and usage history to another oracle database.
  • Configurable age criteria.  Items, change and usage history can be configured independently.
  • Retain Agile data for future rollback.  Data is stored in a fashion that will permit a migration back into Agile PLM at a later date if desired
  • URL base processed extension to display history records to application users from the history offload engine.