Solidworks EPDM Export Tool

As organizations become more sophisticated the need to share product information across enterprise systems increases.  The EPDM Data Export Tool assists Solidworks EPDM customers by preparing an Excel workbook with an export of their Vault.  This information can then be imported into other systems, such as Agile PLM or ERP systems, for reporting or as preparation for an integration to Solidworks EPDM.

Features at a glance:

  • No application installation required (Microsoft .Net is required)
  • Can be run on any host in the network that has database connectivity, Microsoft Excel is not required for execution
  • Extracts full history, variable information for each configuration, bill of materials, document data, and users
  • Fast, easy and repeatible process to extract information
  • Capable of extracting full history
  • Low cost alternative to in house development

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